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And, just as suddenly as the bout of Fandom whimsy had taken hold of Hyacinthe, it let go, leaving a naked boy on the bed where there had been a pretty flower in an earthenware pot just a few moments ago. Hya sat up, carefully felt himself all over to make sure he was properly himself and not missing any key bits, and tried to wrap his mind around exactly what had just happened. He wasn't even entirely sure was the problem. One minute he'd been himself, the next dreaming about the feel of the sun overhead and the rich soil below and by Blessed Elua and the One God was he thirsty!

He'd figure out the little details like what day it was and just what had happened later. For now, he was pulling on a pair of breeches and finding the nearest source of water to drink his fill.

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Hyacinthe was whistling a song that had been going around Night's Doorstep right before he'd left, a fairly bawdy song about a highborn lady with an insatiable appetite for her footmen and maids. He was packing for the week in the odd huts, which meant he had the majority of his clothing out to pack. He didn't have a whole lot of clothing to his name; back home, that wasn't much of an issue. Compared to most of Night's Doorstep, he was something of a dandy. But here, he had less than damn near anyone else and it was pricking at his Prince of Traveler's pride.

His mind was occupied with what he might buy and where--most of the clothing worn in this period was not to his taste--when Fandom whimsy struck. One second, he was a pretty Tsingani boy with laughing eyes, and the next there was a potted flower sitting on the bed.

Oh, Fandom.


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